the power of mindfulness, stress reduction through mindful living:

Please read this letter from Shirley McMillan.

This program aims at developing and integrating practical, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Relaxation skills into everyday lives. Develop calmness of mind and body and deep insight into one's life at Calgary's Mindfulness Centre, Yoga in Stillness.

Dates for the next 8 week program:
Dates: TBA
Time: TBA
Silent Retreat: TBA
Location: The Fitness Table
1130 - 12 St SW, Calgary
Investment: $320.00 if paid by May 3rd and $350 thereafter or pay $600 for two people. Plus GST. Pay online or by cheque below.

Pay online through Paypal:


Pay by cheque:
Payable to Shirley McMillan @755 Lake Bonavista Drive SE., P.O. Box 81023, RPO Lake Bonavista, Calgary, AB T2J 7C9

Please contact Shirley for more information.

What is Mindfulness?
It is an intentional focused awareness, which is a way of paying attention on purpose in the present moment, non-judgmentally. We spend much of our lives either reliving the past or planning for the future and little time is actually spent living in the present. Our capacity to effectively handle stress, and make informed decisions rely on our capacity to be present. Mindfulness stops the habitual 'autopilot' driven modes of activity and allows us to be fully present in our lives. It is taking charge of your life. Yoga in Stillness offers Mindfulness Workshops in Calgary, Alberta.

This program is modeled after the Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center founded by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn in 1979. The Stress Reduction Clinic has been featured in Bill Moyers' PBS documentary Healing and The Mind, on NBC Dateline, on ABC's Chronicle, and CBC's Newsworld, and the subject of Jon Kabat-Zinn's best-selling book Full Catastrophe Living, and Saki Santorelli's book, Heal Thy Self.

This program has been brought into groups as diverse as hospital patients, CEOs, educators, public school students, attorneys, judges, correctional staff, prison inmates, members of the clergy, Olympic and professional athletes - including Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers basketball teams.

Program Content:
This 8 week program consists of 2 hour of class each week and 4 hour Sunday morning guided retreat which provide participants with:
* guided instructions in formal mindfulness meditating practices (sitting and walking meditation, and body scan);
* gentle mindful yoga movement to help release workday tensions;
* practical methods for integrating mindfulness into everyday life;
* group dialogue: brief home assignments between sessions; guided meditation CDs and written materials.
This is all supported in a safe and encouraging environment.

Research Findings:
Majority of people who complete the program have:
* increased ability to cope more effectively with both short and long term stressful situations;
*improved self-esteem,
* increased ability to relax;
* greater energy and enthusiasm for life;
* enhanced ability to consciously respond to situations rather than simply react;
* more restful sleep;
* greater concentration and focus to their work and life;
*increased ability to monitor their level of stress and take effective steps to address it.

Contact and payment info:
Please all (403) 818-7967 or click here for contact and payment information.

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