letter from shirley:

Dear Mindfulness Community,

I send you the warmest greetings from deep within my own mindfulness practice. I wish you all well in this time of such great change and the challenges it brings.

As for myself, I am deep within a process I find both challenging and rewarding, and at times, humbling. I’ve known for some time that I needed to enter into a deep period of BodyMind connection in order to move to my own next level of development, yet found myself putting it off, thinking I could do this amidst my usual schedule.

I see now that this is neither possible nor wise.

As some of you may have discovered, it’s not possible to enter into a deeply transformative and integrative process while still choosing to remain aware of only what’s convenient. I realize that I must practice what I totally believe in and enter wholeheartedly into what is demanding my full presence and participation; in essence, walk my talk. Accordingly, I am taking an extended leave of absence from teaching, workshops and individual clients while simultaneously supporting and encouraging each of you in the engagement of your own deeper process in whatever way feels best for you.

Until sometime after the New Year.  Be well within your own hearts and your own practice and may we all celebrate each day of our journey here.


Shirley McMillan


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