Shirley is a practicing Registered Nurse, Registered Yoga teacher with the Yoga Association of Alberta and Yoga Alliance; Meditation (Vipassana-Insight) facilitator.

Shirley’s style of teaching offers a deep relaxation and stillness allowing one to fully relax into one’s own sense of being. Her gentle approach reflects her respect for individual needs and abilities of each participant. She uses gentle flowing movements, breath, sound and mindfulness, silence and deep listening as a means to obtain presence, embodiment coming to an understanding of what it is to be alive and living the life that longs to be lived through her.

The Mindfulness Based Programs are designed around the programs used at the Stress Reduction Clinic at the Massachusetts Medical Center, created by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, with whom she has professionally trained. Shirley brings mindfulness teaching to the Tom Baker Cancer Center where she co-facilitates a MBSR program as well to the general public.

Shirley also facilitates Tapestry, a retreat for people living with cancer. Shirley has studied with many internationally recognized teachers in the Buddhist and Yoga tradition, and somatic educators. She has training in Concept-Therapy.

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